What to Do When You Just Want That Job Offer

We are approaching the two most challenging weeks of the year to get a job offer. It’s too easy for employers to push the decision into the new year. This can pose a serious problem if you’re deep into the interview process and want the job. If you’re confident you want the job there is nothing to gain from prolonging things and killing your momentum. Here are some strategies and techniques that can help you move the process forward and get your job offer.

  • Make sure you know what the interview process looks like. When you are closing an interview do your best to get an understanding of how many steps there are in the process so you know where you stand. Be direct: I’m very interested in this position and I’d love to discuss it with you further. What does the interview process look like going forward? You may get a generic answer saying they have more candidates to interview, but if they are interested they will often let you know what you can expect.
  • Post-interview follow up is a must. You need to send a thank you email after an interview, but also make a plan for when to follow up if you haven’t heard back from the hiring manager. Momentum is an important element to the interview process, and effective follow up can drive next steps and help move you through to an offer. If it’s nearing a week or radio silence, you should reach out and push for your next interview.
  • Let them know you’ll take the job if you’re offered it. Closing an interview with a line like If you were to make me an offer, I would be prepared to accept it can be a strong way to let them know you’ve made your decision. This one is bold, but not so aggressive as to make the employer uncomfortable as long as it isn’t too early in the process.

There isn’t any proven strategy guaranteed to get the employer to interview faster and get an offer, but these are all effective tactics to push forward and keep the momentum going. Interviewing is an art, not a science, so there are no hard-and-fast rules. You have to evaluate the situation and make what you feel is the best decision. If you feel like an employer you’re interviewing with is stalling, now is the time to drive next steps and not let the opportunity drift away.