Best of the Month: October

best job seeking and hiring advice octoberThere is more information online about job searches and hiring than most people have time to read. To help cut through the noise, we’ve selected a handful of the best posts we came across for the month of October.

How to Make Yourself So Poachable Recruiters Won’t Be Able to Look Away

Job seeking isn’t just about sending out resumes. Between covering how to promote yourself digitally and how to make connections within a specific company or industry, this article does an excellent job of showing how you can make employers (and recruiters) chase you.

Eight Ways to Make a Great Impression at a Networking Event

There are a lot of people who cringe at the idea of attending a networking event. They view it as a necessary evil, showing face then heading out at the first chance. Unfortunately, unless you’re putting in real effort you’re unlikely to get much in return. This article clearly breaks down a clear and straightforward process to making a strong impression and getting results out of the event.

Employers: Pick Up the Pace

There’s a saying in sales that time kills all deals. This is just as true in hiring – and nothing is more frustrating than losing your ideal candidate due to a long, undefined interview process. Fortunately, there are easy fixes to this, whether its setting clear expectations up front or cutting out filler steps and minimizing downtime between interviews. Momentum is a very real part of the hiring process, make sure your approach isn’t taking the wind out of candidates’ sails.

Know of any gems from October we missed? Let us know! We are always looking for quality advice to pass along to our constituency.