September’s Super Tips for Job Searches and Hiring

software onboarding representativeThere is more information online about job searches and hiring than most people have time to read. We’ve selected a handful of the best posts we came across for the month of September.

How Can Job Seekers Improve Their Social Media Presence

If you don’t think employers are checking out your social media, think again. Before the first interview most employers have already, at the very least, looked at your LinkedIn profile and likely other online sites. Having a strong social media presence is a modern requirement for your job search, regardless of position or industry.

The Dos and Don’ts of Being Eager During the Interview Process

Finding the balance between appearing excited for a position and coming off as desperate is a difficult path to walk. This article does an excellent job showing how to come off as engaged and interested in the position (arriving 5 minutes early) without veering into the weird or obnoxious territory (arriving 15 to 20 minutes early).

The 15 Characteristics Of A Highly Productive Team

This article was written from the employer perspective on optimizing teams, but it is useful to job seekers too. As a job seeker, you can use this as a list of things to look for when evaluating company culture and whether or not it is a positive work environment.

6 Ways to Make Top Job Candidates Want to Come Work for You

This is a great article about the little things you can do as an employer to win over candidates in your interview process. With more jobs available to them candidates are pickier than ever, so it’s important to have a winning hiring process in place. These tactics cost you nothing, but can pay major dividends by landing you more quality employees.