Three for Thursday: Closing a Job Interview

The toughest part of interviewing: Truth is in the eye of the beholder. You can’t always control how you’re perceived. Whether you came on too strong or too timid is dependent on the interviewer. While one employer may think your answers are too long-winded, others may be impressed with your attention to detail. These differences of opinion make interviewing all the more challenging. No place is this more apparent than when you go to close. There is no universally correct way to do so, but here are three battle-tested favorites:

Summary Close: I feel this interview went well and I’d be interested in discussing this position further. What’s our next step?

This is the perfect close for a first interview, whether over the phone or in person. This is a very safe close that let’s the employer know you want to move forward without being presumptuous.

Evaluative Close: Do you see me being a good fit for the position? What can I do to move the interview process forward?

This is a great choice to use after a very in-depth interview. If the job has been discussed in detail, and you feel the employer has a good grasp on your abilities, this is a way to find out how you stack up, while drawing out any potential objections. Don’t use this one too early in the process though, it can be off-putting if asked before the employer has enough info to assess you.

Close With Intent: If you were to make me an offer, I would be prepared to accept it.

This one is bold, but not so aggressive as to make the employer uncomfortable. If you are confident this will be your last chance to speak with the employer face-to-face, and you know you want the job, make it count, show them you want it.