10 Steps to Ace Your New Hire Onboarding

onboarding new employees for successYou found your candidate, and he or she is exactly the person you need for the job. Your candidate is thrilled to begin working for such an esteemed professional as yourself, and everyone involved in the hiring process is feeling very good. Now it’s 8am on Day 1 and your new team member shows up to the office and doesn’t even have a login to the computer. Unfortunately, the excitement toward your organization peaked BEFORE the start-date, and you’ll never get a second chance to make a positive first impression.

What went wrong? You basically invited a guest over for dinner and didn’t have anything prepared.

Here are 10 simple items to prepare before your new teammate arrives.

  1. Set up his or her new email account and add it to your team distribution list right away. Your new employee will likely appreciate coming into the office and having a taste of emails from previous days.
  2. If your employee will need an employee ID or employee login, get this set up quickly. Nothing can enable a new employee as much as an actual employee ID!
  3. Download MS Office, MS Outlook and other necessary software ahead of time. Give your employee the chance to get to work immediately.
  4. Do you use a CRM? Put them in their right away and have them login to the CRM on day 1.
  5. Phone System work. Need to create new phone slips? Need to adjust extension names? Your employee will feel great when they see their name on the phone as they sit down for the first time.
  6. Order Business Cards early. We can’t stress this enough. Stick a business card on their desk and you’ll earn loyalty from the very beginning.
  7. Bookmarks & Desktop Icons: Do you have some commonly used websites or software programs? Bookmark those right away.
  8. Items to Print:   Employee Handbook, Training Manuals, First Day Check list for employee.
  9. Schedule a team member to greet the new hire when they arrive and give an orientation tour.
  10. Set an early precedent regarding the ongoing development of your new hire by planning performance reviews and coaching sessions over the next 30-90 days. This will give the new hire an immediate sense of accountability while instilling confidence that your company is committed to helping the employee reach his/her goals.

Your onboarding process is your chance to set a great first impression with a new hire. Nail it, and you’ll inspire confidence in the employee that they made the right decision joining your company. Drop the ball, and they may be second-guessing their decision before their lunch break.