Compete for Your Candidates

winning candidates with interview processIn today’s market, many of the most successful businesses understand one very important truth:  Candidates have options.

And if candidates have options, it means we employers must compete to earn their time, effort, and loyalty.

Any employer can discuss their strengths as an organization, but the best companies find ways to show their candidates who they really are.

Here are 3 simple ideas that will allow you to compete for your candidates through something as simple as transparency.

Compliment your candidate early and often. So many hiring managers are looking to trip up their candidates, to simulate stressful scenarios and test their reactions, or to spot red flags or dishonesty. There are certainly times when this is effective, but candidates will be the most sincere, authentic, and honest when they are comfortable. To make your candidate feel at home, compliment them on their successes and thank them for answering your questions well. You’ll be amazed at the truth you can discover when your candidates let down their guard, and best of all, your candidates will leave your interview feeling fantastic.

Offer a half-day job shadow. Once you have finished your traditional interview process, give your candidate the option of spending a half-day in your office or with a team-member. Let them experience the pace, the volume, the comradery, and of course your leadership style. Candidates may have systems for ranking compensation and benefits, but very few candidates will turn down a chance to work somewhere they will truly enjoy.

Let your team take your finalist out to lunch… without you. Your candidate will have a chance to ask real questions, experience more of your culture, and of course share some positive experiences that lead to an accepted job offer. Conversely, your team could also point out some flaws that could help you avoid making a bad hire.

As our local economy rebounds, quality candidates will choose to join the best employers. Put a positive, transparent, human experience into your interview process and you may find yourself besting your competition in more ways than one.

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