Adam Morris: Kind of a big deal

Our Area President, Adam Morris, was recently interviewed by the Oregonian Media Group for a piece on Oregon’s economic recovery. The article had very positive news, citing that “Oregon employers added new jobs in October at the strongest pace in nearly 20 years” and “gained a collective 9,900 jobs, all rooted in the private sector.”

When asked what he has seen in the job market Adam responded with positivity, citing the increased hiring and optimistic outlook from our clients. He also told the Oregonian how we receive emails every day from people all over the US looking to move to Portland and inquiring about job opportunities.

adam morris, west coast careers oregon president, champion of men“Ever since 2008, there has been this fear in the marketplace. We’ve been waiting for it to get better and better. But slowly and surely it’s been happening.”

See the full article on Oregon Live.