Welcome to the new West Coast Careers Oregon Blog

hikersWest Coast Careers Oregon is in the midst of its third year of business, continuing to grow in many ways. We’ve moved into a fantastic new office thanks to doubling the size of our team; we have continued to grow our client base by serving new verticals; and now we are expanding our web presence to offer more to our community.

The hiring process can be grueling for even the most experienced professionals, and we hope to shed light on how to navigate the process, helping you get the job you deserve. In this blog we will cover everything from big picture strategies for career planning to the finer details of interviewing. Some posts will be quick hitting pro-tips, while others will be more in depth articles, but all will be designed to help you take control of your career.

We will continue to keep you informed of our current job openings, as well as give you inside looks into what we are up to here at West Coast Careers Oregon. Follow our blog to gain an edge in this competitive job market.